What I Know Now

Conversations about workplace safety and responsibility.

Work can be intimidating for young workers, especially if they’re new to the job or don’t have a lot of experience in the industry. They want to make a good first impression by showing you and their co-workers that they know what they’re doing.

That’s why talking about safety with young workers is so important.

As an employer, you have years of safety knowledge and experience that can be shared with your young workers. It is your responsibility to make health and safety a priority, and create a space for young workers to have conversations about safety at work.

Responsibility for young worker safety starts on day one.

What to say, what to do

Tips for improving health and safety for your young workers

Talk About Safety

Young workers may not know what is and isn’t safe on the job unless you tell them. Encourage open communication so your workers feel comfortable asking questions about health and safety.

Safety Starts On Day One

More than half of workplace accidents involving young workers occur during their first six months on the job. As an employer, you are responsible for ensuring that your workers are prepared for the job before they start working.

Know Your Responsibilities

It’s your responsibility to keep your young workers safe at work. Know the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation and talk to your staff about safety in the workplace.

Everyone Has a Role To Play

Understand your health and safety role, and the role of your staff and supervisors.

Identify The Hazards

Everyone deserves a safe workplace. Part of the solution involves understanding the risks and knowing what the hazards are so they can be avoided.

Be Aware of Common Injuries

Some injuries are more common among young workers. You can help prevent them with proper training, supervision, and by talking to your young workers about safety.

Spot The Hazards Challenge

Test the health and safety knowledge of your employees with the spot the hazards challenge. Find the health and safety hazards in these common workplace scenes.


Share your story

What have you learned about workplace safety over the years? What lessons do you want to pass on to other employers and business owners?

Share your stories here, and together, we can ensure every young worker gets to go home safe, every day.